The South Beach Diet Keto Friendly – A New Twist To A Popular Diet

South Beach Diet Keto Friendly
South Beach Diet Keto Edition Review

Product Name: South Beach Keto

Product Description: How about getting the best from two popular weight loss diets, the South Beach and the Keto Diet?

Combining these two very popular will help you to lose up to 7 pounds in the first week and an additional 1-2 per weeks hereafter. It is without going hungry to bed and without having to learn about complicated diet protocols.

Everything is done for you, easy and simple!

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South Beach Diet Review Summary

See our full South Beach Diet Keto review verdict and our pros and cons below!


  • An effective weight loss
  • Leave your diet to the experts
  • No more struggling doing groceries
  • A different twitch of losing weight
  • Free shipping


  • It is not a true ketosis diet
  • Taking advantage of the word Keto
  • Not the best customer reviews
  • No evaluation from the FDA
  • Only available in the United States

The South Beach Diet Keto is an exciting new twitch to a well-established weight loss diet that already has more than 11 Mio followers.

Earlier the South Beach Diet was all about resetting your metabolism so your body would be burning fat. It was done by leaving out all carbohydrates from your diet. In the next phase of this diet, you would then gradually increase your intake of good carbs like whole grains.

However, now you can get a different version, the South Beach Diet in a Keto friendly edition. Instead of getting the healthy carbohydrates the diet will focus on giving you heart-healthy sources of fatty food.

The purpose here is to get your body into ketosis so you will be burning fat. It is done in the form of ketones that will become your primary source of fuel.

The Big Questions

Is the South Beach Diet Keto a true ketosis diet living up to the strict, yet powerful protocol? Or is it just taking advantage of the growing keto diet trend, like using the name for marketing purposes?

And of course, can South Beach Diet Keto Friendly edition really make you lose weight?

In this South Beach Diet Keto review, you are going to learn a lot more about this new twist to a popular diet. You will learn all about the benefits and how it will impact your weight loss.

What Is The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is a weight loss diet system where everything has been taking care of.

Here you will get easy to follow plans that make it possible to lose weight if you are the most stressed out person in the world. It is also the diet to try if you have not been able to lose weight using a more traditional weight loss approach.

What is unique about the South Beach Diet is that you will get your meals delivered to your doorsteps once a week. These are made by professional chefs and nutritionists ready to be made quickly. It means you will no longer have to do groceries. You will no longer have to try to figure out what you can eat and what you should avoid.

How The South Beach Diet Works

How the South Beach diet works

The strength of this diet is the way it is divided into different phases where you are targeting different issues. Let’s have a closer look at them

Phase 1

One significant advantage you will get from the South Beach Diet is that you are going to get some good results already within your first week of dieting. In fact with this approach, you will be able to lose up to 7lbs in just seven days.

It is thanks to the South Beach Diet reboot program that will reset your bodily functions, metabolism and fat burn. Resetting these will give you are faster and more steady going weight loss.

Remember, the South Beach diet is going to deliver all your food, so you will not have to worry about what to cook during this phase.

Let’s see what you will get from the South Beach Diet phase 1:

  • A reset of your bodily functions for a faster more efficient weight loss.
  • Reset and transform your metabolism to burn fat instead of carbohydrates.
  • Make a dietary switch from having carbohydrates to get lots of proteins.
  • The chef-inspired meals are carefully selected for you to make this phase a lot easier.
  • The South Beach Diet promises that you will not have any cravings for sugars or refined starches.

Phase 2

Now that you have taken your first step, you have completed a full body reboot. Now you are ready for the central part of your diet.

Here you can expect a healthy weight loss of between 1 and 2 pounds weekly. You just continue until you have reached your weight loss goals.

In Phase 2 you can start to add in some good carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Remember you can opt-in for the Keto friendly version if you want to go all in on Keto using the South Beach Diet.

Check out some of the takeaways from the South Beach Diet Phase 2:

  • Start to add in healthy sources of carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Receive fully prepared South Beach Diet meals every week including Keto diet options.
  • Add a little flexibility to your diet, in case you miss those hours in the kitchen. You will get a couple of  Do It Yourself meals in your weekly package.
  • You will also receive some fitness tips so you can burn extra calories from exercise.

Phase 3

Finally, Phase 3 is all about learning the South Beach Diet principles and incorporate them into your life so they will become habits.

Most diets available really don’t care about what you are going to do when finishing your diet. But the South Beach Diet does.

To become successful with your diet, you must learn to eat in moderation, and make healthy choices. You must learn to make it become a habit so you no longer will think about but just will do it.

Let’s see what you will get from Phase 3.

  • Learn to enjoy all foods in moderation.
  • Study and learn the basic principles of the South Beach Diet.
  • Renew and discover yourself.
  • Be able to never go on a diet again.

What Is The Keto Diet

what is the Keto diet?

The Keto Diet is just as much a lifestyle than it is a weight loss diet. Here it is about eliminating as many carbohydrates from your diet as possible. Instead, you exchange most of them with healthy sources of fat.

One of the common beliefs in the Keto Diet protocol is that the human body doesn’t need carbohydrates to function. Carbs have been artificially added through times where history has taught people to create cost-effective foods that could feed whole civilizations.

It also means that the carbohydrates you are getting preferably should come from more natural sources, like vegetables, berries and similar, resources that have been accessible to the primitive man. It is a belief that is very close to similar protocols found in the Paleo Diet.

Getting Your Body Into Ketosis

So when you are starting the Keto diet the most important step you must take is to get your body into ketosis. In this stage, you will be burning ketones coming from fat instead of glucose coming from carbohydrates.

When you have reached ketosis, you must follow a strict protocol. It means leaving out almost all of your carbohydrates, else you might end up being pushed out of ketosis. When pushed out you will no longer be losing weight.

If you have the discipline to keep your body into ketosis, the Keto Diet can be a very healthy diet that also will promote health.

The Difference Between The South Beach And The Keto Diet

The South Beach Diet will teach you to increase your protein intake and eliminate unhealthily carbohydrates. First by getting rid of them altogether for then to increase the intake of the good healthy carbohydrates gradually.

Using the Keto diet, you will learn to increase your intake of healthy fat and eliminate almost all of your carbohydrates, including the healthy ones.

The Keto Diet is not so much about going high-protein with your diet. Often your protein intake will stay the same or be slightly increased if you are an active sports person.

Which One If The Best Diet South Beach Or The Keto Diet?

So which one is the best diet? South Beach or Keto?

It really depends on who you are and what type of eating pattern that suits you the most.

If you just love some good healthy carbohydrates and you cannot say no to whole grains, then the South Beach Diet is the better match. But if you don’t care and you have no issues with increasing your intake of avocados, nuts and fatty fish like salmon, then go for the Keto diet.

As long as you stay motivated, both diet will give you some good results.

Getting The Twist! The South Beach Diet Keto Friendly Edition

Getting the South Beach Diet Keto Twist

However, now things are going to get interesting! The South Beach diet recently upgraded their diet protocol so you now can get the best of both worlds.

The South Beach Diet now comes in a Keto edition where you instead of getting the carbohydrates such as whole grains can get heart-healthy fatty keto foods instead.

All you have to do is to choose the Keto diet option when ordering your South Beach Diet plan and you will get the Keto edition.

Enjoy The Benefits From Both Types Of Diets

With the South Beach Diet Keto Friendly edition, you will be able to enjoy the benefits from both types of diets.

In the first phase, you will be resetting your bodily functions and make your metabolism burn more fat as your primary source of fuel. At the same time, your carbohydrate consumption will be so low that you will get your body into ketosis. It is here where you will switch from burning glucose to burning ketones coming from fat.

When you are ready for phase 2, you will be getting Keto friendly foods that will make sure your body stays in ketosis. It is here where you will be burning ketones coming from fat instead of glucose.

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Our South Beach Diet Keto Friendly Edition Review

There is no doubt that the people behind the South Beach Diet know exacltly what they are doing. There will be no doubt that you will get some excellent results making this approach.

The South Beach Diet Keto will be particularly beneficial for dieters who want to get a rapid weight loss. One that is obtained as comfortable as possible.

If you are a first time Keto dieter, you will also get some great benefits from using the South Beach Keto Diet. Everything is planned and taken care of. You will not have to mess around doing mistakes that prevent you from losing weight.

It is the perfect diet to maintain if you don’t want to spend time getting into Keto diet protocols and the learning the principles of the Keto Diet.

If you are a more experienced Keto diet user, or you see the Keto Diet as a lifestyle, then the South Beach Diet is not for you. Here you will learn all about the Keto diet and go all in for it, learning about how your body will respond to different types of keto foods.

Does The South Beach Keto Friendly Diet Work?

If you follow the South Beach Diet Keto and follow all the guidelines and stick to your plans, then you will likely lose some weight using this diet. So the answer to that question is, yes.

However, South Beach diet claims that you can lose up to 7lbs in the first week while in phase one. They also state that the average weight loss was around 5.8lbs the first week.

Remember that much of a weight loss at the beginning of a diet is more likely to be body fluids than a true weight loss in the form of body fat.

In phase 2 you can expect a weight loss between 1 and 2 lbs which is a more realistic number and can be done.

Is It A True Keto Diet?

The South Beach Diet is probably more a Keto friendly diet than it is a true Keto diet.

It takes some of the right elements from the Keto diet and leaves out the more difficult ones, like cutting away a lot of carbs.

According to the South Beach Diet Keto, their net carb daily consumption is 40 grams in phase 1 and 50 grams in phase 2.

According to Dr. Jeff Volek, Ph.D., RD & Stephen Phinney, MD, Ph.D. two leading experts in ketosis, your daily net carb consumption should be between 20-35 grams depending on the fiber content.

With that in mind, the South Beach Keto Diet will be a little too high on carbohydrates to be a true Keto diet.

But it doesn’t mean that the South Beach Diet is useless for your weight loss.


It is worth noticing, that there is one issue many dieters are talking about in their South Beach Diet Keto diet reviews? The meal they are receiving does not exactly look inspiring!

Do I Approve Or Disapprove Using Keto Friend South Beach Diet For Your Weight Loss?

I do approve using the Keto friendly version of the South Beach Diet. But remember, it is not a right Keto Diet. The meals you are going to get will not be from 5-starts restaurants and may seed some disappointment in you.

But the fact is, the Keto friendly version of the South Beach Diet will get the job done.

Keto Friendly South Beach Diet approved

How To Buy The South Beach Keto Friendly Diet

If you want to get started using the South Beach Diet Keto all you have to do is to go to their official website and choose your plan. Remember, to select the Keto version if that is what you want to do.

Remember, currently, there is a significant discount to get on all packages.

How Much Does It Cost?

It all depends on what plan you choose!

Silver Package

If you just want the essentials which include a 4-week diet plan, meals, and free shipping it will cost you $10.71 per day or $299.99 total.

Gold Package

This package is for you who wants some more variety and a couple of junk free snacks to get by on daily. Again you will get free shipping and everything delivered to your doorstep for just $12.14 per day or $339.99 total.

Platinum Package

Finally, the big package of South Beach Diet Keto. Besides the extended meal plan, and junk free snacks, you will also receive South Beach Simply Fit Shakes. They contain 20g of proteins each and perfect for your keto diet. The platinum package you can get for only $13.21 per day or $369.99 total for 4-weeks.

If you want to learn more or to get started using the South Beach Diet Keto Friendly edition, then just click on the link below. It will take you to a particular page of South Beach Diet where you can learn a lot more.

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Get started using the South Beach Diet Keto Edition

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