How To Get Into Ketosis Fast – Like In 24 Hours Or Less!

How to get into ketosis in 24 hours or less

How to get into ketosis fast?

Is it really possible to do what seems impossible for many?

To push your body into ketosis where you finally will be able to burn ketones coming from fat instead of glucose from carbohydrates?

Yep, the Keto Diet is a powerful diet that will give you a significant weight loss. But at the same time, it comes with a strict protocol that you must follow. For some people it is easier than for others, depending on your situation.

But when we finally have decided that the Keto diet is the diet we want to use for our diet, it is all about getting into ketosis as fast as possible.

Can it be done? Like in less than 24hours?

Of course, it can, and here is how!

Dedication, Motivation, And Consistency

These are three pillars that make it possible. It is why it is impossible that you that you set off the time to do this right.

For example, do it on the weekends on a Saturday, or Sunday. Here you will not have to deal with workload or stressful situations that could make you comfort eat or forgetting about your get into ketosis fast project.

It will also be a lot easier if your family is out of the house, then this you are going to do this project.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

What can be any better than starting out getting your body into ketosis with a good night sleep where you must sleep as much as possible?

To get the most out of the following tips, you must sleep as much as possible up to the day where you are going to push your body into ketosis!

So remember, no alarm clock, no phones and no disturbance on this day.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting To get into ketosis

This type of fasting is perfect when you want to get your body into ketosis fast. It is an excellent way to drain your body from glucose so you finally can get started to burn ketones.

With intermittent fasting, you are not going to eat anything for 16 hours. So when you get up late in the morning, you are already well on your way to living up to the principle of intermittent fasting, since you didn’t eat for 8 or 9 hours.

So now all you got to do is to wait another 6 or 7 hours before having your first meal of the day. Feel free to start your day with a cup of coffee or tea, but avoid sugar, milk, and honey.

You may believe that intermittent fasting is dangerous and not healthy at all? But remember, it was basically the way we used to live back in the days as cave people.

It is a type of fasting that promotes autophagy and will help to protect your brain cells from degeneration. With this fasting, you will also improve your memory and lower your risk of heart diseases. So even if it sounds dangerous, there are a lot of benefits to getting from intermittent fasting. And of course, it makes it a lot easier to push your body into ketosis in less than 24hours.

Go To The Gym As Close To You Woke As Possible

Speaking of how to get into ketosis fast, a lot of it is about draining your body from glucose so you can feed it with ketones. Another great way of doing this is to exercise or go to the gym.

On the day you want to get into ketosis, go to the gym as close to the time you woke up as possible. It will make it easier to keep you busy so you can maintain your intermittent fasting.

Because your normal levels of energy will be kind of out of whack, because you haven’t fed your body with carbohydrates, you must pay extra attention to how your body reacts. The last you want to do is to get busy or pass out.

On this day, it is essential that you avoid high-intensity training such as spinning, or other forms of aerobic that makes your heart rate go sky high. Instead, focus on endurance training and lifting weights and keep your workout efforts between 60 and 70% of your max.

It should give you solid glucose and fat burn so you can get into ketosis faster.

Make sure to keep a pace where you feel comfortable but still can go relatively moderate or heavy with the weights.

Lifting Weights A Great Way To Get Into Ketosis

Lifting weights are one of the best ways to get into ketosis fast. First, you will spend extra energy on lifting the weights. At the same time,  you will also train your muscles from stored glycogen and glucose. These are a part of the anaerobic powerhouse your muscles have available for lifting heavier weights for a shorter time.

Power Walking

If you have any energy left, I highly recommend you to do a power walk. It will help you to clear your mind so you can look forward to the times ahead on your keto diet. It will also help you to burn the last glucose energy you may have left in your body.

Alternatively, you can jump on a treadmill or eclipse in your gym, but make sure to keep a moderate pace.

Avoid High-Intensity

It may sound tempting, to make an all-out effort nowhere where you are almost done with your gym workout. But you may risk your glucose burn will become out of control, and you will pass out.

High-intensity workouts on an empty stomach are not the best idea.

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Time To Eat Your First Meal

Hopefully, you are at this point getting closer to your 16-hour point in your intermittent fasting so you can have your first meal. If not, you just got to wait a little bit longer. Feel free to have plenty of water but avoid soft drinks.

With the Keto diet, it really doesn’t matter if you have eggs or steaks for breakfast as long as you are following the keto diet rules.

So if breakfast is to light for you at this point, then feel free to have a keto meal after your wish.

But remember, with this your first meal you must leave out all carbohydrates because your primary task is to get into ketosis.

Under normal circumstances, 5% of your diet can come from carbohydrates.

Use Keto Ultra Diet

Until now we have talked about all the things you must do to get your body into ketosis in 24hours or less. And yes, it does take some work and dedication. But remember, you will reap the benefits later in the process by getting a significant weight loss.

However, you can make the whole process much more comfortable for yourself by using a supplement like Keto Ultra Diet. It contains so-called BHB salts which stand for Beta-hydroxybutyrate which are very important energy producing molecules that makes it easier to reach ketosis.

And if you still feel it too hard, you can actually double your dose and get even more energy molecules to help you reach Keto.

What These Energy Molecules Are All About

What Beta-hydroxybutyrate does, is that they are going to provide you with 78% of the ketones you need to get your body into ketosis. It means you will make your whole keto process more comfortable because you are going to get most of the ketones needed to start burning fat as the primary source of energy.

Keto Ultra Diet In The Long Run

So now when you are in ketosis then what?

There is no doubt that the keto diet is a very useful diet. But the truth is that most people are really not in ketosis all the time. We are only humans, and we do get tempted. Unfortunately, the Keto diet comes with a very strict protocol that you must follow.

It means that most people are continually moving in and out of ketosis making their diet ineffective.

But, when you use a supplement like Keto Ultra Diet, you will make Keto life easier to yourself and be able to stay in ketosis for a more extended period of times.

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The Quickest Way To Get Into Ketosis

There is no doubt that implementing the tips we have described above are the quickest way to get into ketosis. The faster you get started, the faster you will be starting to burn fat from those problem areas of yours.

But remember, to get into ketosis the fastest possible way, it is essential that you eliminate all distractions so you can maintain focus.

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First, that there are other exogenous ketones that you might want to test out as well like the popular Keto Power Boost.

If you feel you need more help for your diet than just following the above tips, then you must know that the South Beach Diet now comes in a Keto Friendly edition. It means you will get your food delivered to your door steep, so you no longer have to worry whether if it is keto or not. Check out our full review here.

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How to get in ketosis in 24 hours or less

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