Why you should work with a courier company in Singapore?

Regardless of whether you are doing it on behalf of a company or for yourself, you probably need to get something delivered within a day or even within hours in some point in your life. The question is – Are you going to deliver the items yourself or will you need external help?

Let’s analyze this situation in a logical and professional manner.

Life is about making choices. In making every choices, you have got to weigh the benefits versus the cost. Let’s take the above mentioned situation for example. If you deliver the items yourself, the benefits will definitely be quality assurance as you can control the delivery and complete it within the deadline. Additionally, you can save on the delivery costs if you were to engage external help for this. However, this will take up your time. The cost of delivering the items is your lost time. On the other hand, if you were to seek external help (most probably from a reliable courier company in Singapore such as PCA Masters Private Limited), the benefits will be quality assurance as well as saving you time. The cost will be the expense of engaging the courier company. Notice that quality assurance appear in both situations. In fact, I would say if you engage a reliable courier company such as PCA Masters, the quality of the delivery will be higher than if you were to do the delivery yourself; the delivery can be completed in a shorter time by expert couriers.

It all boils down to the question of delivery cost versus your opportunity cost of time. If your time is more valuable and can earn you or the company more money than the delivery fee, you should outsource the delivery to the courier companies. Smart people delegate jobs in order to be focused on their own activities.

Moreover, there are some things that you may find it difficult to deliver yourself, even if you want to. Know that there are deliveries which can be done by bikes and others only by vans. Those deliveries that can be done via bikes, you probably can do that yourself too. However, for those deliveries of bulky and heavy items, you will need a van to transport the items. Even if you have a car, you may not be able to fit the items into your car. Courier companies in Singapore will be able to help you with your heavy goods deliveries too.

Bike Dispatch Service In Singapore (Document Couriers)

Document couriers or bike dispatch service in Singapore is very common as there are lots of local and international businesses with a physical presence in Singapore and require lots of document as well as cheque deliveries to be made on a near daily basis islandwide in Singapore.

There are courier companies which have many bikers and dispatch the riders all around Singapore to pick up documents and folders from companies and then delivering it to the intended recipients.motorbike courier

Here is a quick summary of how dispatch services / document couriers work in Singapore:

  1. You will make an order with a courier company.
  2. After receiving your order requirements, the courier company will begin to quote you and assuming the quote is acceptable by you, the courier company will then begin to process your order on their end.
  3. For our example, let us take same day delivery before 6pm for documents. During the time you ordered and them sending a courier to you, they would need to allocate the job to a courier within the company.
  4. After the relevant courier has been notified of your delivery requirements, he or she would then make his or her way down to your pick up location to pick up the documents. Usually, if there is no specific time slot you specified to the company, they will simply go at any time before 6pm on the same working day as long as the delivery is completed before 6pm.
  5. Bikers would generally get the sender’s name (or yours) as well as the recipient’s name. This is so that anything can be traced back to the recipient. However, if you indicate a person’s name for receiving, the courier should pass it only to that person himself or herself.
  6. Upon successful delivery, some courier companies will notify you of the successful delivery i.e. PCA Masters, while others may require you to call them to check on the status. Make sure to find out the relevant service of your courier company.

What To Know ABout Singapore Courier Services

Here’s some things you should know about courier services in Singapore.

Not every courier company notifies you upon successful delivery. Most courier companies in Singapore require you to actually call them once the items have been delivered. Only a few newer companies like PCA Masters Pte Ltd will actually notify all their customers about the updates for the deliveries actively e.t.c. If you want that, then work with a company like PCA Masters which actually provide that.

Next of all, there is a big difference between the state’s postal services (or rather, Speedpost) versus commercial courier services. Commercial courier services companies will pick up and deliver the items from your specified locations, and their prices quoted is inclusive of traveling to your pick up point at the designated time. However, when it comes to Speedpost, it’s not that convenient because you need to drop by their office to drop off your package. In some instances, it’s the same distance traveling to a Speedpost branch and traveling to the recipient, which makes Speedpost pretty dang useless. Worse than all that, you would still need to waste time and queue at an excruciating slow and long queue (nearly always the case) at Speedpost, wasting precious time away. Why do that when you can engage a commercial courier company to pick the item up from you instead?

If you do not specify any specific delivery timing, take note that courier companies will pick up the items anytime after you have made your order, and deliver it anytime (usually) within the same day before 6pm. This means that if you have specific timeslot preferences e.t.c., make very sure to raise these points up to the person you’re ordering courier services from.

Last but not least, make sure to tell them the truth about the dimensions of your object! This is especially the case if you’re delivering parcels. This is because they may send a motorcycle dispatch rider to courier your items for you, and if the items is much bigger than a motorbike can fit in, they’ll still charge you a much higher rate and get a van to come down. Please be a considerate customer and TELL THE TRUTH.

Workforce in the logistics industry

Have you ever wondered what it takes to enter the logistics industry in Singapore?

Do you need high educational background, own vehicle, experience, etc?

That will depend on the role you are applying for in the Singapore logistics industry. Let’s evaluate this using a top-down approach. If you are applying for a management position in the logistics industry, you will need to have lots of experience either in the logistics industry or similar industries. High educational background is also preferred. People will judge your capability partly because of your educational background. In summary, it’s good experience and good educational background. If you do not have either of those, it may still be possible. But if you do not have both of them, it will not be possible to enter the managerial ranks in the logistics industry.

Next, if you are applying for non-managerial office positions in the logistics industry, you will need a basic diploma at least in order to do so. There is a higher chance of you getting that job if your diploma is supply chain or business related. If you only have O levels certification, it is quite unlikely that you will land yourself the job. However, companies like PCA Masters (https://plus.google.com/+PCAMastersSingapore/) offer great career offers even if you had ‘lower academic qualifications’ as long as you have good English proficiency as well as experience in the logistics/courier services in Singapore. It is pioneering the movement in Singapore of hiring qualified people who are experienced in that industry without necessarily being ‘academically qualified’. This doesn’t mean that an office role in the logistics industry is easy. Regardless of whether it is the finance department, operations department, or human resource department, there will be headaches and challenges at work. In the finance department, accounting will give a huge headache to the finance staff due to the massive volume of transactions. Tasks such as route planning and driver allocation will also give big headache to the operational staffs. Human resource staffs will also face manpower issues, particularly on hiring and motivating the drivers.

Lastly, if you are applying for the driver position in the logistics industry in Singapore, basically you would just need a driving license and perhaps a vehicle. The criteria of having your own vehicle is not enforced by all logistics companies. Some companies may need you to own your own vehicle while some companies will provide the vehicles for your use. It really depends. Educational background is also not an issue. Anyone can be a driver just as long as you can drive. It is that simple. You may be surprised that not all drivers are uneducated. Some drivers who are highly educated and have another job outside also apply to be part time drivers in the logistics industry. This is simply because there is no high barrier to being a driver and there are lots of flexibility to it. Part time drivers can earn some extra income anytime when they are free.

Parcel Deliveries In Singapore – Bikes Versus Vans??

If you have tried to engage a parcel delivery service in Singapore, you may realize that a common thing you will notice across most courier companies in Singapore is that they will usually separate pricing and services between vans and bikes. Why is that the case? Here is why.

The cost hiring a biker is usually significantly lower than that of hiring a van driver. This is because the leasing or purchase costs of a bike / motorcycle is significantly cheaper than that of leasing or purchasing a van in Singapore. Not only is COE cheaper, the acquisition cost, CBD cost and road taxes are also cheaper. This can translate into significant savings for customers on the buying end of courier services.

Additionally, most couriers will differentiate the pricing for courier services or rather, parcel delivery services in Singapore into transport via bikes versus vans because of the various differences in cost as mentioned above. Usually this is something that is non-negotiable. If your items’ dimensions and/or weight is too big or heavy for a motorcyclist courier to deliver your items safely, then it would be considered under van pricing. In such a situation, prices would accordingly be higher, which is commensurate with the costs of the courier company.

Of course, does this mean that the only way in which you can transport bulky items via vans? No, actually, some courier companies have couriers who drive their own cars and act as contractors. These are basically couriers who deliver items via their car as well. As long as the items are able to fit into the boot or back seat of the car, they will be able to handle it too. Of course, if it’s so big that a car cannot fit, then they would definitely send a van to deliver the item instead. However, you need not worry about this point. As long as you provide a reliable courier company with the estimated weight and dimensions of the box (please quote accurately or they may undercharge you and send you a courier driving a small car and in the end, the only person you harm is yourself), they would be able to send the right deliveryman to help you courier your items. There are however some small things that must require a van to courier your items, e.g. cakes and fragile items which are not wrapped properly. These are too dangerous to be sent via bikes.

What Delivery Companies In Singapore Really Care About?

In business, it’s about making money. Every company wants to make money so that it will be able to survive and grow. We want to dive deeper into this topic here. Businesses earn money through customers. Hence, companies concentrate on customers. Different companies adopt different approaches to serving the customers and meet customers’ different needs, thereby gaining different competitive advantages. Applying this to the logistics industry in Singapore, what do the delivery companies in Singapore focuses on and really care about?

Most, if not all delivery companies in Singapore focus on delivery speed. Customers will want their parcels to be delivered fast. No one likes their items to be delivered slowly. This is especially more so for the recipients. The longer the delivery takes, the more painful it will be for the recipients as they will be yearning for the arrival of the parcels. There are various logistical models that delivery companies in Singapore adopt to ensure fast deliveries. One is the hub and spoke model. The hub and spoke model contains a centralized hub where parcels are consolidated and sorted out. Everyday, couriers will go to different collection points to collect the items and then bring the items back to this centralized hub to consolidate the items. There will be a sorting team to sort out the items based on their delivery location into the different regions in Singapore. After which, the items are then distributed back to the couriers in each regions. This will result in faster delivery as the delivery locations assigned to each courier are closed packed together. The courier will be able to make multiple trips within the regions with ease due to the shorter routes.

Some delivery companies in Singapore such as PCA Masters Singapore also focuses heavily on accountability. They want to be fully accountable to their customers. This includes keeping the customers updated of the delivery status and also to inform the customers whenever there are delivery issues. Customers do not liked to be told that something went wrong with their deliveries last minute. They would prefer to be updated with the news.

Response time
Delivery companies in Singapore also give fast response time to customers. Slow response time will result in loss of customers. As mentioned above, customers want to be kept updated with the delivery status in a timely manner. If they are left hanging, they will not feel good. Fast response time will keep the customers happy.

Who should engage courier services in Singapore?

If you’re a busy individual, you should engage Singapore courier services. If you forgot something important and left it at home instead of bringing it to work, you should engage courier services. Ok, those sound brief, so let me elaborate and dive into the groups of people who should ideally use courier services!

  1. doctors
    First group of people who should definitely use courier services and not do deliveries themselves are the busiest sole proprietors – especially doctors, dentists and people who run their own shophouse business. There is absolutely no time to get deliveries done by yourself or you would need to shut down the business temporarily – which is definitely not a feasible idea. Therefore, this group of people would definitely benefit from SG courier services if they need to deliver an item or document.
  2. college students singapore
    Second group of people who would benefit from courier services in Singapore are the students staying in school hostels but who have forgotten to bring something extremely important from their home. Usually, students who stay in their hostels live far away from the university / college, so they would not be able to make it back on time. However, by simply engaging a courier company that provides urgent deliveries such as PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/), these students would be able to save time and headaches.
  3. Third group of people who should ideally use courier services instead of performing deliveries by themselves are certain companies which need frequent deliveries to and fro between certain banks and/or locations within Singapore but does not have enough to justify hiring a full time deliveryman. In such cases, it would also not be feasible to send a manager or employee out to deliver the items or they would not be able to be back in office on time or enough to do their usual work they’re actually paid for. In such a situation, outsourcing your deliveries to a document courier company in Singapore would save you tons of time!
  4. Fourth group of people in Singapore who would benefit greatly from courier services are those who are looking to build and scale a great Ecommerce business. If you’re looking to truly grow a business, you need to know how to outsource certain parts of your business when necessary. In such a situation, Ecommerce business owners would definitely do better by leaving the hard travelling work to a courier instead of themselves. By doing this, you’re able to stay at home or work from your office and work harder at bringing in even more sales for your Ecommerce business, which is what you really need to be doing to grow your business and company to stratospheric levels in Singapore and beyond!

Alright, what do you think? Do you agree with my points? Let me know!

Delivery Companies In Singapore

There are several types of delivery companies you can find and which services you can engage. Many companies fall under the category of logistics, but here I shall talk about document, parcel and items which can still be delivered via bikes or vans. (Therefore, we’ll talk about cargo, container truck deliveries in another article on this blog.)

There are some companies which only specialize in performing light weight deliveries, and these are companies which usually only hire dispatch riders (who will ride bikes). These companies specialize in document deliveries. Although few companies you can find online engage in such a business model, there are some rare delivery companies who operate in this way.

Next of all, most courier companies you can find in Singapore actually perform a mix of parcel and document deliveries. This is because for most single parcel deliveries, a motorcyclist would be able to fit the item into the back of his or her motorcycle. This means that a motorcyclist alone would be able to handle most deliveries as long as they can fit into the back of his or her motorcycle’s box.

Third of all, it would be companies which specialize in E-commerce deliveries. There are companies such as Anchanto as well as PCA Masters which have been doing this successfully for many local companies (or rather, companies which need distribution of products within Singapore).

There are also postal services in Singapore, rendered by SingPost, but for the purpose of this article and discussion, they will be excluded… This is because most places do not categorize postal services as part of the logistics and courier services business environment and industry in Singapore. It’s just a different type of service, just like how vans and cars are vehicles but completely different.

Hopefully the above helps to clarify more about the various types of deliveries you can get in Singapore from the various courier companies in SG.